Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Thank you ♥

After weeks filled with farewells & tears it's now my turn to say goodbye. As I'm really bad at it, I wanna say thank you instead.  Yes, I made a lot of experiences I would have never made in Germany, I saw a lot of  things I've never seen before, New Zealand is gorgeous.. But first of all I met people I don't want to leave & who I'll miss terribly. Thanks for everything you've done for me!
Thanks to Michelle & Jack for taking me, for your openness, for your trust from the beginning without really knowing me, for the thousands of things you've done for me, for being my family! I honestly can't thank you enough. I really hope that you are coming to Germany soon!
Thanks to Emily, for persuading your parents to take me, you ARE my sister. I love you so much, even if you sometimes just can't stop mocking me. :P I would even share my MAC & OPI-stuff with you. That says everything.
Thanks to Aengus, for being my second little brother. It's scary how much you remind me of Lasse! o.O But that's the biggest compliment ever :D I will really miss you & putting Emily in the closet with you, when she's too annoying. ;)
Thanks to all my Kiwi guuurls :D Darbe, Tayla, Vicki, Geneva, Elyn, Sarah, Rebecca, Tyler, Katisha, Megan, Laura, Renee, Eleanor, Ariana, Tahlia, Madi, Ashlee & the half-international one: Jess. I had so much fun with you!! From now on, lunchtime will be boring & will always remind me of you, Darbe & Tayla. :( Thanks to all of you, for our friendship without any prejudice, for your kindness, for your humour, for your trust. You taught me a lot! You taught me, that a Kiwi is never just good at what he does, he's unbelievable! Also, you taught me, how to celebrate birthdays! You are SO good in that! *-* :) And the really really most important thing: You are able to make someone feel good, who felt like a mutation of a whale before :D You are just awesome. :)
Thanks also to my International girls. No one before made me cry like you did last week. These goodbyes were the hardest thing I had to go through in my life yet. The White House was a place where I could always go to, cause I knew there were people who help, understand and support you, when you're down, just because they always know how you feel & they know the situation you're in & they feel with you. Girls? You are the best & I love & miss you so much. :( I hope we keep in touch! ♥ Also, I know, that in the White House, there's someone (probably the only one in the universe) who shares the last brownie with you! :o Incredible! :D But I would always do the same for you, Maria. :* I'm so happy, I was the first one you skyped with back home!  :D The permanent Leipzig/Venice-shuttle is arranged, so WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN! SOON!!
Thanks also to the members of the 'Illegal 7', who turned the South Island Tour into an unforgettable event. 
And finally a special THANK YOU to Kim for just being Kim! You are definitely FANTASTIC! I LOVE YOU! 
And a big THANK YOU to all those, who made my exchange to what it was! I hope, you'll all keep your promise & we'll meet again in NZ, Italy, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Germany. :)

Now I won't say goodbye, but see you soon, cause that's what exchange students say! :)
Big hugs,
Aslaug & Maria ♥

Jassu & Iris ♥

Okaaay.. o.O

Yep. :D

That's how we roll :D ♥

Okay.. maybe a bit too much.. or not. :D 

Me, Maria & Iris. I LOVE YOU GIRLS! ♥♥♥

hugging the White House for the last time..

hugging the wall..

Johannes, Jassu & Gabriel :D in AKL, goodbye Jassu :( ♥

Jess, Jassu, Maria & Me, goodbye girls :( ♥

waiting for Laurie :D 'no, i don't trust you, give me the donuts!' :D

Jess, Laurie & me. Photobombed by Gabriel. THANKS A LOT! :P :D

Jess, Gabriel, Laurie, Oscar, Selina, me, Johannes, Leandro :)

Laurie♥ with a shirt, 2 hoodies, a scarf, a pair of leggings, jeans & her Rotary blazer :D 

THE WALL!! *-*

My Dance Class!! :) ♥

The bestestestestest lunch-clique! Geneva, me, Darbe & Elyn ♥♥♥ 

Farewell sucks. :P


  1. es ist so unglaublich unfassbar krass, dass jetzt alles vorbei ist. Irgendwie realisier ich das noch nicht so. :) sehen wir uns in Hamburg? du kommst doch zu diesem GKIT? ♥

    1. ich weiß.. ich hatte noch nie ein problem mit abschieden, aber hier hab ich gemerkt, dass sie schrecklich sind :/ jaaa *-* ich komm da hin :)<3